Learning To Love On Another Level

by Valarielovelight
How I choose to see things!

The Life I Choose To Live Is Love!

Living a life of love is not easy. Adversity, test and trials come through people and circumstances, but I choose to use those things to strengthen my love walk. In essence, I’m learning to love on another level. Seeing beyond the appearance to the heart and believing the best of a person when all I’ve seen is their worst.

This may not be practical but I know that hurting people are guarded and lash out to protect themselves from whatever fears and pain they’ve experienced. It’s those things that have shaped their/my world and the people in it.

Lack of trust usually comes from being disappointed by those you thought never would hurt you, the ones you cared about.

Fear – is not having or achieving what you desired or needed as well as being deprived of love in some form. (Pertaining to me) I have experienced these and more. Yet, somehow, my love has never waned. It has been misguided, misplaced and misused by others. Do I regret this? No, I don’t because it was poured out unselfishly on others. Was I disappointed? Yes, we all would like our love returned, no matter how small. Returned affection/love is like water being sprinkled on a seed or a flower, it nourishes and produces growth.

Love heals and strengthens the one it is showered upon.

No wonder, love has been watered down over the years to be view as conditional and treated as lust. It’s not do you love me? It is more of, ‘I lust you’.

My faith is in love because for me God is love and love is God. There is power in love. Love created me. Love died for me and now I live for love and loving others. This is why I have chosen to learn how to love on another level; a level that’s beyond human logic and reasoning but not beyond my/our ability.

What is your reason for loving others? Do you have one. or are you simply going with flow of what is?

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Scott Mitchell February 6, 2013 - 10:44 pm

I don’t proudly admit that I go with the flow too often.
Beautifully writeup here

Valarielovelight February 6, 2013 - 11:03 pm

Thank you, I used to go with the flow until I realized the flow was taking me where I didn’t want to go. Changing me into who I didn’t want to be. Poetry is one of my favorites to read and right or shoould I say dabble. I enjoy your writing style. Have a great evening.


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