Love Beyond Your Boundaries

by Valarielovelight



Open up and let others in!

Loving beyond your boundaries can be challenging as well as scary. We like to feel in control of our space and who we allow into it. Still, if you claim to love everyone, believe in treating others fairly or at the very least follow the golden rule: “Do unto others as you have them do unto you.” In layman terms “treat other the way you want to be treated.” You’re going to have to open yourself up and let people in.

Will you get hurt? Yes, you probably will. Will people use you or take advantage of your kindness? Yes, they probably will. But there will be others who will truly appreciate you kindness and generosity. You will give others a taste of what they themselves have never experienced or may have wish someone would look at them like they mattered or was special.

Not everyone has experienced love or knows what it means to do so. You have the opportunity to show them that love exist and allow them to feel the genuineness of it simply through words and actions.

Be willing to open yourself up enough to allow others to the beauty of love through you today and it can start with a smile and a wave!

Hugs and Love from me to you!

Valarie Lovelight

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