The Storm Ahead

by Valarie Lovelight

Ahead of us are storms we must go through. Those storms can frighten us or fill us with excitement. Yes, I said excitement. When you know that the storm is only temporary and will pass, you can endure it as you go through it. It may not feel good. There might be darkness all around you with clouds of worry and anxiety. The hail that falls will hurt. The coldness of people chills you to the bone but remember after Winter comes Spring then Summer. The road might be rough for a time but at some point, you will make it through. You will survive it.

The excitement comes in how you perceive the storm. Will you see it as another hurdle or stepping stone on your journey? Don’t fear success, fear failure of not trying, if you have to fear at all. Storms challenge us to go deeper inside ourselves and find the strength to carry on. The emotional ones will affect us differently but we have to find our way out of them as well. Keep your head up and go bravely into your storm because that’s the only way you’re going to make it through.

Also, know that you don’t always have to go through them alone! so, anchor yourself to something or someone so you don’t get blown away or lost.

Hugs and Love!

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