by Valarie Lovelight

Our lives can sometimes seem barren, like in the picture above. Something is missing leaving an emptiness inside. Nothing we do fills the void and others just don’t understand. See… from the outside we look whole and complete. We seem to have it all together with everything in place. In reality, we’re broken. Our lives are in turmoil and our emotions have taken us on a never-ending rollercoaster that we can’t seem to stop. We want our insides to match our outsides. There are many questions we would like answered. We want to give our minds a rest but we can’t because emptiness is spreading and consuming us quietly.

Or perhaps….

The opposite of barrenness can also be the opportunity to fill our lives with beautiful and wonderful things that are meaningful. It can mean that we are renovating the space and preparing for more than we had before. The word barren is not necessarily a curse or a negative connotation. It simply means that the things we wanted may never become a reality but we can envision new things and goals for our life.

I don’t have children but that doesn’t mean that I’m childless. I have so many godchildren that I love like my own. I’m full of life and I have birthed others by helping them to cultivate and grow in their purpose with encouragement and love. There are leaves and fruit on my branches that I help to grow by changing my perception of myself. People can only pluck the leaves and fruit off your tree if you allow them. If you stop being barren, in time, your branches will be filled, and you will be able to share the fruit you have borne.

Hugs and Love!

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