Blooming In Your Season

by Valarie Lovelight

     There are seasons in our lives and each one is significant. We never know what the seasons will bring or what we will encounter. Some are long while others are short. We are tasked with making the most of each one to the best of our ability. Where will we go? What will we do? How can I be successful in this life? These are just a few questions we ask ourselves often as we search for an answer. Answers that never satisfy us for very long. Then we start the cycle all over again with more questions and very few answers.

     We have to learn to bloom in the season we are in by making the most of it with what we have on hand. Stop looking for the next thing before we’ve found the things right in front of us, right now. We prepare for the future but forget to live and enjoy the present. In reality, the present is a gift that we can only enjoy today. Tomorrow is not promised to us. We all know someone who didn’t get a chance to see their tomorrow because they died today. Whether it was through old age, sickness and disease, or a tragic accident their season ended. 

     So, what are you going to do in your season? What will make your petals bloom and pour out a sweet fragrance today? We don’t know what season of life we are in or how short it is. What we do know is that we are alive right now so we have to find a way to bloom before our petals start to fall to the ground or wither on the branch because we didn’t bloom at all!

Hugs and Love!

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