Broken Hearts Do Mend!

by Valarielovelight


Contrary to taught beliefs, a broken hearts does mend. It feels like it’ll last forever but it doesn’t especially with the promise of new love on the horizon. Once you recover from a broken heart falling in and out of love doesn’t necessarily get easier but our ability to deal with the emotions does.

We learn that we will and can bounce back. We don’t hate all men or women because of the one that hurt us. Mot importantly, if we are honest with ourselves, we’ve hurt others as well.

Unfortunately, far too many people have never been taught that hurt, pain and disappointment will come but so will healing. In efforts to shield our children we’ve handicapped them emotionally. Constant praise has taught them nothing but to expect it and not to get it is devastating. For some, their self worth is in the praise and not the work put in.

Losing is something they are unfamiliar with and it is obvious. Still, like most of us we have learn over time the hard way that life is not fair. Hurting and losing is a part of life but through it all, we’ll overcome the falls and either land on our feet or pick ourselves up off the floor. We will only remain broken if we do nothing but cry, murmur and complain instead of moving on.

Broken hearts do mend just like all other aspects of our life that fall apart as long as we keep going through the challenges of life and never give up through the healing process.

Hugs and love from me to you!

Valarie Lovelight

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