I Care But I’ll Keep My Mouth Shut?!

by Valarielovelight


Sometimes words can be misconstrued. Genuine concerns can be taken as criticism or judgment. Now days we find it hard to have conversations without being politically correct or choosing what to say for others not to be offended and they still are.

Is there a balance between the right way to say something and the perception of how it sounds?

A person with their guard up will always be on the defensive no matter what you say. It’s almost impossible to reassure them that you mean no harm.

So, what do you do? If you say nothing then they think you don’t care especially if what you could’ve shared would’ve spared them some pain and discomfort, mistakes or at least made them aware of potential issues that can arise.

But of course that’s only if something happens; prior to that they may feel like you should mind your business. It’s a no win situation!

If you don’t tell them you’re wrong and if you do say something now you’re criticizing.

However, love cannot walk away from someone drowning in their own emotional pool of confusion and fear. Love will always be there to throw a lifeline if they decide to go towards the deep end and at some point lose their footing and start to sink.

Love will endure the emotional assaults of fear as they try to hold onto sand as it slips through their fingers.

Love will also rejoice when they are right, rise over the obstacles that tried to hold them down or simply was right despite how it looked.

Why? Because love never fails!!!

What do you think?

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Hugs and Love from me to you! Valarie Lovelight

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