Flash Fiction

by Valarielovelight

Ok, so I’ve never wrote a flash fiction but I received and email for a FF contest. What the heck, I’ll just look it up to see what it is, and do it. Well it was a lot harder than I thought. For those of you who don’t know what it is, here’s the 411. You are given a category (s) with a word limit including title. The two categories I entered out of 5 were romance (69 words) and thriller/mystery (35 words). Talk about condensing and making every word count… It was fun and good practice in helping to lean out your writing. Out of a total of 372 entries and only 3 winners per category, I did good. Lol. Flash Fiction, my new best friend for polishing my writing, making every word count.

My toil wasn't in vain.

My toil wasn’t in vain.

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