Who Is Valarie Lovelight?

by Valarielovelight

Who is Valarie Lovelight? I’ve often asked myself this question. She’s not who I was but who I’m becoming. One who desires to show unconditional Love to all. My love can never equal or come close to this type of Love but with God’s love operating through me, all things are possible. I’ve always had an infatuation with the idea of love. At first and for the longest time I was looking at it in terms of relational with other people. It was something I needed from them but most importantly it was something I needed to give.

My personal relationships were ok until they weren’t, still I found it easy to forgive and love the person regardless. It just felt natural like breathing to forgive even though society is centered more on holding grudges and making people pay. I was at odds with myself and thought maybe my love is for someone special until I realized everyone who crossed my path was special and worthy to be loved. Compassion was what I felt regardless of others behavior. This is the way I wanted others to be towards me, forgiving of my shortcomings and faults.  I couldn’t expect people to see me through the eyes of love if I couldn’t see them the same way.

I struggled to accept the fact that I am love plain and simple. Everyone has a purpose and calling in life, mine is to love in spite of and above all else. This love that I am is God’s love in me flowing out of me. Crazy yes, and even crazier to explain, and at times hard for people to understand but it’s true. Loving is my strength and joy. When I’m loving others and giving I’m happy and joyful. The satisfaction I get from living this way is indescribable.

Valarie Lovelight is a light of love no matter how big or small that shines into the darkness with Love. She’s a light that shows people that there is hope because there are still people who genuinely care.  She’s has been crushed with disappointment but not destroyed. Emotionally torn, depressed and oppressed by fear but freed by Love. Rejected by people but accepted by Love. Overlooked by man but singled out by Love. She has been hurt and wounded by words and actions but healed by Love. She’s considered unworthy but Love calls her worthy.

She’s not perfect or close to it. She has good days and bad moments. Yet knowing that hurt, pain, fear, doubt, disappointments, and the like will always be on the path of love, will not deter her from loving. She believes that Love never fails and vows to never give up on it.  She’s also happy to know that she’s not alone but that this type of love, God’s Love exists in all who embrace it and choose to walk it out with others.

Valarie Lovelight…She is love. Love is me and we are one!

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secretangel December 16, 2013 - 7:00 pm

Absolutely beautiful… Valarie Lovelight…let the Light shine through with His Love radiating from you. You are a blessed Child of the Most High God. Many blessings to you my sweet, loving sister!!

Valarielovelight December 16, 2013 - 7:54 pm

Awe, sweet Angel that you are and there’s no secret about that. His love in you is radiating just as strong. Keep shining as well and His love through you will continue to touch others. Love is who we are because we are created from love Himself! Hugs.

secretangel December 16, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Thanks Valarie and many HUGS back to you. I really appreciate your support and stand with you as we both reach out to others to guide them to the Light. So many are still lost and I pray that they will feel the Love of our Father and that hearts will turn to Him. Blessings to you, my sister!!


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