My Update

by Valarielovelight

Well quite a bit has been happening with me over this past week. However, what I wanted to share was my upcoming book signings. I have been offered the use of a couple of businesses to do my book signing and/or book launch. This was a surprise and a joy to see the support for my book after they read it. I have set the date for one on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at Sizta 2 Sizta in Ferndale, MI at 4pm.

The owner, Stacey Watson, started online making and selling her own hair and bath products and now, she has her own store. She is also inviting her clientele to come out and support. The next ones will be in a bookstore and a Cafe in Michigan. God has truly opened doors for me. I will also post a link above to my e-interviews in a couple of chronicle papers. If anyone wants to share their experience with me, please do. Note that it’s not limited to books but whatever you’re doing.

Lastly, Reverend Bobby, a character from my book stopped by so check him out.  Also, I will be giving away two copies of my book, once I figure out how to do it! (Hey, I’m learning as I go. Lol)

Love In Action – Love and life are one in God.

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