Love’s Foundation

by Valarielovelight

Love is the foundation that everything is built upon.  If your love walk is weak, then your foundation is weak and everything built upon it will be shaky. We tend to underestimate the strength of love and its importance in our life overall. Love has become one dimensional and almost solely relationship based. But, did you know our faith works by love!  Not by people because people are subject to change and disappoint us when they fail to come through. However, if our faith is built upon love then even those disappointments won’t matter. We will have faith that things will still work out and love will allow us to forgive them their shortcomings. How about our joy? When we are full of love, we are full of joy. We are happy regardless of the circumstance which allows us to focus on a solution, not the problem. Love is more than an emotion; it is the stabilizer that keeps us balanced and strong throughout our life and relationships with everyone. So, learn to see love as more than a feeling see it as the soil that everything in your life grows out of and solid foundation you should use to build your life with.


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