Book Signing

by Valarielovelight

I just completed my first book signing on Saturday, October 13, 2012 and guess what it rained like you wouldn’t believe.  Yup rainy, dreary weather that made you want to stay home and cuddle up with a good book.  Mine… nope it was with me at the store waiting for someone to take it home.  Go figure!

So now with that said, I had a blast and people still came out to support me.  On the outside, it was rainy but on the inside, my heart was bright and full of love as people pressed their way to my little table.  There must have been a rainbow outside leading them to me.  I can honestly say, they saw me through the eyes of love and thought I was worth it.  Thanks to those who came out and especially to the ones who left to get some money, and actually came back just to buy my book, in the rain!  That’s love in action.

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