Desert Path

by Valarielovelight
dawn desert dry dune

Photo by Pixabay 

Sometimes life’s decisions can seem so vast. Each choice or decision leading to greater decisions and choices that at times never seem to end. Consequences unimaginable both good and bad as life’s path twist and turn with sharp angles to maneuver around catches us off guard and emotions can be equally unpredictable.

Life can feel like a desert where each step feels like feet sinking in sand and no-one’s around to hear our cry but cry we must for our own sanity as we plow ahead looking for a sign of life outside or inside ourselves. Always searching for the oasis of our destiny that will give meaning to our life and purpose to every step we’ve taken so far.

Each step weakens us as life like the sun beats down upon our heads but each step takes us further ahead, closer to hopefully our next destination and not a dead end. Yet and still if it does dead end, we must learn to be okay with turning around and plotting a new course. Never beating ourselves up for the missteps and wrong choices we’ve made but instead be willing to make the correction and adjustments to get back on course.

Even in the desert we fear the eyes and judgments of others when we fail. When we succeed, we look for their praise. Unfortunately, in the desert our victory seems hollow and our success empty because no-one is there to witnessed it.  Our failures on the other hand seem to travel across the sand to a mirage of people and their disappointing whispers travel back to us on the wind.

The desert is actually an open land where we can spend time learning ourselves and becoming more confident at the strides we’ve made.

A canvas of our imagination to become all that we’ve dreamed and more where the only limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves.

The sand, like an exercise machine, strengthens our legs for the continuous journey ahead.

The wind cheers us on by pushing us to never give up and teaches us how to protect ourselves from the elements that comes against us.

The desert is what we make it! We can use it to help make you stronger or allow it to weaken you!

The choice is your. Which one will you choose?

Hugs and Love from me to you!


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