Quiet Misunderstanding

by Valarielovelight


There are lots of ways to misunderstand or misread people. If, you’re too quiet, people wonder what you’re thinking and then began to formulate their own thoughts and try to make them yours.

Mysterious and secretive becomes an adjective that is used to describe you. Cunning and deceptive is who you’ve become simply because of someone’s image of you. You wonder, “Hmmm why don’t they asked what they want to know instead of assume? Is my quietness that intimidating?” “All I’m doing is listening to them without commenting!”

Seriously, sometimes people read way too much into no verbal communication.

Then you have quiet observation which translates into mentally judging someone!?!

The quietness is uncomfortable. You make others squirm as you sit and contemplate what you are going to wear tomorrow, or eat later on. Maybe you’re thinking about all the errands you have to run or sleep. But somehow your silence has to be about someone else who hasn’t even crossed you mind.

Perhaps they have!

You’re judging the clothes they are wearing wondering, “Where did they get that top from its cute.” Or, “How long are they going to talk before we eat!”

Either way, people see and believe what they want regardless of what you do or say. So, just be you and if they really want to know what you are thinking or more about you they will ask. If not, don’t beat yourself up trying to get them to!

Share if you want to but not to keep other from prejudging you because most likely they already have.

Oh! If you are sitting there judging others or thinking negative thoughts and making assumptions remember you wouldn’t like someone doing it to you so, don’t do it to them.

However, if you really don’t care and find yourself judging others, then you have some self reflecting to do about yourself and the state of your heart to feel that way.

Hugs and Love from me to you!

Valarie Lovelight

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Ragazza Triste September 19, 2018 - 7:18 pm

People are unfair and judgmental. People like that makes this world a miserable place to live in. 😔

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