Nobody’s Child!

by Valarielovelight

Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s child is who I be.
Nobody cares or even wants me.
Alone I sit in this room,
Feeling sad, hopeless, and full of gloom,
Waiting and hating the end of the day,
When no one will come and take me away.
Silently I’ll cry deep inside.
All my disappointments I’ve learn to hide.
The lady will come to me and say,
We’ll try again tomorrow, okay?
I will just nod and shake my head,
Walking out the door not looking ahead!
Now, I’ll lay me down to sleep,
Close my eyes and start to weep.
I’m just a number in a file
Because I’m simply nobody’s child!

Even though I wrote this piece, I can’t read it without tearing up! It’s hard to be Nobody’s Child! I know too many.

©Valarie Lovelight 9/7/09

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